How To Know if Your ADD or ADHD Medication and Prescription Works


The best way to control and reduce ADHD symptoms is to consume proper medication prescribed by a general physician. Remember that these symptoms can act severely on your current lifestyle, but it is also challenging to determine whether meds work or not.

The main reason for that is that when symptoms of attention deficit disorder will not go all at once, but gradually will affect your everyday life. 

If you consume medications, you should follow specific signs that will help you determine whether the therapy works or not. You should check out the following:

  • If you’re waking up and leaving household more regularly than before
  • If you’re handling tedious and small tasks 
  • If you remember all the details from work emails and meetings
  • If you recall things you learned that day
  • If you’re finishing all assignments for the class
  • If you’re cleaning after yourself
  • If you’re going to bed on time
  • If you’re avoiding distractions such as television or social media while working

These signs mean that the meds are working correctly. It is vital to be patient when it comes to treating attention deficit disorder because symptoms will not be able to leave and reduce immediately after consumption.

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You have to be persistent and follow the instructions that the doctor gave you so that you can reach the maximum potential. 

Of course, if you use them for a few weeks and you do not notice the difference, you should tell that to your doctor because he/she will change your therapy accordingly.

The idea is to consume medications because it can help you balance your emotions and focus better than before. As soon as you notice improvement when it comes to a few systems, that is a proper indication that medication you are consuming is working.

The best way to understand whether meds work or not is by learning what they are supposed to do and what should you expect after a few weeks of consumption. ADHD meds will help you to:

  • Boost your focus
  • Balance emotions
  • Reduce impulsive behaviors
  • Create even energy levels throughout the day

Similarly, as we stated before, it is essential to understand that symptoms will not disappear completely, but by following instructions and therapy details, you will be able to manage both mental and physical symptoms.

Medications may work if you notice these changes:

  • You feel less anxious
  • You see fewer mood swings
  • You control impulsive behavior consciously

Of course, some symptoms will remain effective and you will not be able to do anything about them, but others will be much simpler to handle with proper meds.

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Side Effects

The important consideration you should have is that most ADHD meds come with some side effects, and you can notice them after a few days of consumption. 

Side effects may affect every single person individually, which means that it is challenging to adjust the therapy and manage symptoms.

If you are consuming stimulant drugs such as Adderall or Ritalin, you will be able to improve your focus, attention span, and they will allow you to listen to instructions better than before.

Even though results will not happen overnight, in the first few days, you may notice a few side effects before the improvements start. The most common side effects of stimulant-type of drugs are:

  • Increased blood pressure and heart rate
  • Trouble staying and falling asleep
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Irritability after the medicine wears off
  • Mood swings
  • Headaches

Even though these side effects may impair your abilities to handle ADHD symptoms, in most cases, they will fade away after a few weeks of taking the meds. 

If you consume non-stimulant drugs for this particular condition, you should have in mind that these meds also feature side effects such as fatigue, drowsiness, and dizziness. 

In some situations, sexual side effects may happen, and you may experience trouble in having an orgasm or loss of interest. 

Even though side effects are the effective ways to determine whether drugs you consume have effects on your body, they are no indication that meds will succeed in handling your ADHD symptoms.

If side effects remain after a few weeks, and you still cannot notice the difference and reduction in symptoms, you should go to a doctor to switch medication or change the dosage.

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Reasons to Adjust the ADHD Medication


If you notice these symptoms, you should go to the doctor so that he/she can adjust your medication:

  • Increased hyperactivity when you consume it or irritability
  • Problems with appetite and consistent weight loss
  • Reduced ADHD symptoms in combination with changes in personality
  • If symptoms are lower at the beginning of the day, but they increase until the end.

The reasons for changing and adjusting your medications can vary, because dosage may be too low or high, or your metabolism cannot handle the specific type of drug.

Remember that medications are not treating ADHD in general, but they are only helping you manage the symptoms, while you can combine other treatment plans so that you can reach the maximum capacity.

It is vital to have a good night’s sleep because that will make your body feel more energized, refreshed, and you will restart the brain after long hours of working or studying. The most common addition to prescription meds is behavioral therapy.

According to mental health professionals, it is vital to identify the behavioral issues and patterns that create a problem, because that is the best way for patient to learn how to live with this condition with or without the meds.

Therefore, lifestyle changes are essential if you wish to improve the efficiency of your treatment. You should combine good night sleep with daily exercises so that you can maintain the brain function and handle high energy levels.

Some people start meditating as a way to calm their minds, but that will not be possible at the beginning of treatment due to lack of focus and motivation.